Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people with the resources that empower them. Whether that’s a coach, therapist or a deep community. People, from all over the world, can come to positividy.com to connect with empowerment.


We Power Empowerment

We power empowerment by providing our coaches and therapists with the tools and technologies they need to be successful. The Positividy Coach Platform delivers the technical and administrative tools a coach needs to establish and maintain a successful practice. Booking, Billing, Video Engagement, Profile Page, everything a coach needs to make sure they focus on what they do best – Coach!


We Scale Impact

We scale impact by providing a platform for our coaches and therapists to establish passive revenue streams. We help our partners create new revenue channels that don’t require their direct presence; a fully functional e-commerce marketplace to sell books and workshops, a fully integrated video course platform that handles all of the administrative burden associated with publishing and selling video courses, and so much more.

Hotel & Restaurant

We Build Community

We build community by helping our coaches, therapists and community leaders connect to a platform that empowers the creation of a deep community. Positividy is the first Deep Community Platform in the coaching-therapy industry. We provide leaders with the platform to engage community members in an environment that promotes: learning, growth, work and action.

How Can We Help You?

We have many products and services to help you scale. To keep things simple, we have created three value bundles with the option to add "a la carte" services.



Profile Page

Positividy provides coaches with the tools and technologies that enable success: A professional web presence that not only builds brand, but delivers a best-in-class conversion tool for your practice; smartly integrated video enables you to create a connection with prospective clients; booking and billing integrated tools; e-commerce integration; Click-to-Call technology; and so much more.

Leveraging the impact and scalability of video is critical to any business – let alone a business that relies upon personal connection, like coaching does. The research is clear: using video to communicate ideas and propositions can increase the effectiveness of the message considerably. Integrating video testimonials further cultivates your credibility and sets you up for success. We empower you to connect with prospective clients like never before.



Video Engagement Platform

The Positividy Video Engagement Platform is an easy-to-use, secure, confidential and powerful tool for creating connections. Solid coaching relationships are built on creating a personal connection. Seeing each other and conversing normally is a huge part of building the necessary rapport to create change. Our best in class video platform will enable you to handle more clients and make a bigger impact.

The Positividy Video Platform enables you to: coach individuals or groups, conduct webinars and web conferences, deliver presentations and facilitate discussions. Everything you want in a video conferencing software – and it’s all web-based so your clients don’t have to download any special programs.



Booking and Billing

The Positividy Platform Booking tool integrates directly with your calendar. You can pre-set times to be available for prospective Positividy clients and, if you book a meeting offline or through another channel, our Booking tool will automatically remove the booked time from your available schedule. There is no additional work to do. We want to give more time back to coaches and let them do what they do best – Coach!

Positividy enables coaches to use their time in a new way. Given the global reach of the Positividy.com Network, our client pool reaches far and wide. That means that our coaches can connect with clients all across the world. This opens up new opportunities and you can break free from the constraints of your local geography and time zone.

Our Platforms

We drive value to our clients through 3 Core Platforms.



Powering Empowerment



Scaling Impact


Deep Community

Building Community

Some Lovely Clients

We Scale Impact. The Right Impact.


Marc Azoulay



Jeffrey Jones

Certified Addiction Counselor


Brooke Nielsen



Lyndsey Lee


Investment Options

We are ready to scale with your requirements.


Positividy.com Coach

Paid Monthly

  • Empowering YOU Bundle
  • Scale Impact Bundle
  • Access to Learning Tools
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Community Leader

Tiered Pricing

  • Empowering YOU Bundle
  • Scale Impact Bundle
  • Build Community Bundle
  • Access to Learning Tools


A La Carte

Optional Services

  • Execution Coach
  • Community Coach
  • Curriculum Coach