Welcome to Positividy. We help coaches and therapists scale their impact!

Who We Help

Who We Are

We believe that human transformation occurs in the context of human relationships. Our mission is to connect people with the resources that empower them. We are a group of people who believe we can make a difference. We came together to create Positividy so that we could make a bigger impact. Together.


What We Do

We Power Empowerment. We Scale Impact. We Build Community.


Who We Help

We partner with people and organizations that are effective at delivering positive results to their client. We work with individuals and businesses to identify drivers for scalable success and we help match those opportunities to the Positividy Platform.

Short Story About Our Company

May 2016
Positividy Founded

Our humble company starts on a quest of powering empowerment.

Jul 2016
Market Research

Interviewed 100's of coaches and therapists to understand how we can drive immense value.

Feb 2017
Deep Community

Deep Community Platform founded to connect people to resources and expertise.

Sept 2017
Official Launch

Full launch of the entire Platform


What Our Customers Say about Positividy

Marc Azoulay
Coach and Therapist
I've been working with Positividy for about a year now and I've experienced nothing but professionalism and expertise. They have helped me to develop and refine my digital offerings. Their platform is incredibly robust - it allows for many different formats that allow clients to interact with the material.
Brooke Nielsen
I want to reiterate how excited I am to be partnering with Positividy and how grateful I am for the support. I've shared with my friends the many times I would have gotten stuck doing this alone and the valuable service and support you've been providing.
Jeff Jones
I can’t say enough about the synergy of their genius in the online world and building of deep communities.

Meet Our Professional Team

We are a group of people who believe we can make a difference. We came together to create Positividy so that we could make a bigger impact. Together.
team member
Andrew Buist

Andrew inspires strong fraternity. He is an autodidactic polymath. He seems to be able to talk with anyone about, quite literally, anything. He has a passion for learning and is exquisitely humble. He lights up when he gets an opportunity to solve hard problems and he’s trained himself to listen to audiobooks and podcasts at 3X speed.

Andrew, along with helping craft strategy, leads the Curriculum and Community Development Teams.

team member
VP Community Building / Marketing
Samantha Macleod

Samantha’s skills are significant. She’s a big fan of alliteration and she is hilarious. She best personifies what Positividy is all about: helping people help people. She is incredibly generous with her time and attention and she always – always – goes above and beyond for Positividy clients, partners and employees. Her affability and charisma is matched only by her capacity to do really great things.

Samantha, along with helping develop curriculum, leads the Community Manager and Execution Coach Team

team member
Matt Cote

Matt is an exceptional human. He has time for everyone; he leads by example; he, on daily basis, improves the lives and businesses of the partners, clients and employees with which we are so lucky to work. He is as comfortable in front of a computer writing code, as he is in front of a room full of people delivering a keynote.

Matt, along with crafting the strategic direction of Positividy, also leads the brilliant technical team that keeps our platform running.

team member
Technology Manager
Raju Patel

Raju keeps our lights on at He supports our Deep Community Platform, My.Positividy and is a ninja at soothing technical migraines. PHP, SQL, Wordpress, WooCommerce and Server Maintenance are just a few of his many talents. Without Raju, we would not get any sleep.

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