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How Positividy Works

Positividy is about scaling impact. We empower coaches to optimize their time. More time coaching means our coaches can make a bigger impact. The Positividy Platform® effectively outsources all the technical and administrative duties associated with running a successful coaching business, leaving more time, and freedom, for our coaches to do what they do best – Coach!

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Transformation, for people, requires people. We need you. You, us. You’ll have access to a professional community of leading Coaches, Therapists and Community Leaders; you’ll be able to community-source personal accountability and action; you’ll be able to discover – and contribute to – best practices on everything from business models to social media strategies; and so much more.

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Access to all the tools and technologies that you’ll need to be successful. You’ll have: a dynamic profile page with integrated video, in addition to flexible scheduling and billing capabilities; a robust video engagement platform; access to a fully-integrated e-commerce platform, including the ability to create, host and market audio and video courses; access to toolkits, designed and developed by experts, to help you establish new revenue streams; and much more.

Coaching Expertise Experience

Access to experts is as important to you as it is for your clients. You’ll gain access to world-class experts in critical domains, like: writing copy and building authentic origin stories; the power of podcasts to drive success for your practice, business and brand; developing an effective social media strategy based on your personal strengths; creating compelling learning experiences through video and audio courses by leveraging your knowledge and experience; and much more.

Deep Community


Transformation, for people, requires people. We need you. You, us. With a Positividy Pass, you’ll have access to some of the best people we’ve been fortunate enough to encounter during this journey. People who believe that it’s as important to help, as to be helped. People who are committed to driving value to one another. People who celebrate each other’s wins. A Community of People deeply committed to a simple idea: “We can make the world a better place; together.” A Positividy Pass gives you access to:

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Deep Community


You also have access to all the tools and technologies that you’ll need to be successful. We help coaches and therapists, like you, scale your impact. We remove most of the technical and administrative burden that attends running a successful coaching and therapy practice to enable you to do what you do best – help clients. We endow every coach and therapist with a Positividy Pass the resources they need to achieve success:

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Deep Community


Your success depends on expertise. Your clients work with you, in part, because you can expertly guide them in a way that bespeaks your competence. You, probably, rely on the expertise of car engineers and manufacturers. If you’re like us, you, more-than-occasionally, depend on the expertise of the kind folks who design and manufacture coffee makers – not to mention the beneficence and expertise of the farmers who grow the humble bean. Having access to experts is as important to you as it is for your clients. Our community members have access to world-class experts in critical domains, like:

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Positividy Profile

welcome video
Welcome Video

Smartly integrate a welcome video that enables you to create a connection with prospective clients.


Sell video courses, digital assets, books, and subscription services with our secure payment integration.

Easy Booking

Connect real time with clients to book a convenient time to connect

Testimonial Videos

Easily share video testimonials that further cultivate your credibility and sets you up for success.

Robust E-Commerce


My.Positividy provides you with a forum to sell content related to your coaching business: ebooks, handbooks, video series, audio programs, worksheets, or anything else you might provide. We provide coaches with everything they need to market and sell their digital assets.

Secure Transactions

All payments are processed securely by PayPal.

Coupon Codes

Apply coupon codes for special discounts and promotions.

Flexible Offerings

Offer products for a one time fee, or create subscriptions with ease

Detailed Reports

Easily track sales and product interest via your personal dashboard

Additional Resources
Additional Resources

The Success Map and The Territory

Having access to the right resources is critical. But, for us to truly empower our coaches, therapists and community leaders, we need to provide the tools and understanding that enable them to deploy those resources effectively. We have a guide, or toolkit, that helps you make use out of every resource you’ll have access to with your Positividy Pass. Some of our most popular toolkits include:

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